Delicious. Home-cooked. Delivered.
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We offer delicious, home-cooked food, made from scratch and delivered fresh and ready to eat directly to your door. It is a new era of convenient and reasonably priced ready meals.


Event caterinG

We can offer catering for any event, whether it’s corporate, party or wedding. Working 100% bespoke, we are sure to be able to fit your requirements.



Delicious, wholesome food
cooked from scratch, available to everyone,
at an affordable price.

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What our clients say

"As a pair of first-time parents, being able to call on Jenn and have some of her delicious meals made and delivered to our door was a lifesaver and helped us to enjoy the first few days with our little boy even more. Knowing that we had nutritious and hearty meals in the fridge ready to go when we found the time to sit down and eat was so helpful. Jenn's meals are full of goodness and are bursting with flavour, we would recommend to anyone and wouldn't hesitate in ordering again in the future."

Alex and Catherine, Ready Meal Service


"As a busy mum and business owner, I found that I had little time to prepare and cook healthy balanced meals, and with James following a strict diet plan, I found I was cooking 2-3 different meals every night. Jenn spoke to me about her idea for Eat My Food and I was sold before I'd even tasted anything! Jenn made the whole experience so easy, and made meals that not only followed James' strict no carb diet plan, but also made them super delicious and filling, which our girls enjoy too. I literally have to take it out of the fridge and pop it in the oven for 30mins and it's done! I have also found that I am saving money with not having to go to the shops to buy fresh each day. Would highly recommend Eat My Food to anyone, Jenn can tailor it to any of your tastes, and to suit your lifestyle."

Stacey and James, Ready Meal Service


"Eat My Food, we did and so should you! Jenn prepared delicious, healthy and hearty meals for our hungry team of volunteers at Pickwell Manor. The attention to detail in each dish set the stage for us to deliver a jam packed weekend. Thank You!"

Ellie Ewart, Surfers Against SewageEvent Catering


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